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Welcome to CryptoSardars - Club

Sale is live.

CryptoSardars - Club is a first ever NFT collection of 4444 unique digital Sardars, where each Sardar is living on the Polygon Chain as ERC-721 token.

This collection is created by two 19yrs old Sardars, who are inspired from CryptoPunks, Weird Whales, BAYC and BoringBananas.

Buy a CryptoSardar NFT and enter the web3.0 revolution.

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Sale is live.












The Crypto Sardars - Club


When you buy a CryptoSardar, you’re not simply buying a piece of programatically generated unique artwork, you are stepping into a community which aims to gain the financial education & freedom, learn about BlockChain Technology, Metaverse, SmartContracts and Web3.0 stuff.

This community shares each and every resource, piece of knowledge & information, ideas, suggestions and recommendations with all its members, whether they are part of developing team, artwork team or just an ordinary holder of the NFT to create awareness about Web3.0 revolution. Whether you understand all this stuff or not, by just contributing you are helping this community to grow and create something more better.

The change is inevitable and in words of the great Bruce Lee

- “Be water my friend”


In his book, the Startup J Curve, noted entrepreneur and angel investor, Howard Love, essentially states that there is no straight line from startup to sustainable success. Rather, sustainable success follows a J Curve where the startup initially dips after its start.

To pass this j-curve, we would need support and contribution of every community member, able developers, designers, willing and kind people to share their great knowledge and experience with us. We can become stronger by working with amazing and great people out there.

Fair Distribution:

[Buying a CryptoSardar costs 39 Matic ~ 99 USD. There are no price tiers; We believe in fair share.

Note: 85 CryptoSardars are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways (rewarding community members for contributing in the project), and for the creators' and team members' holding.]


Story of evolution

The first step

Both the co-founders started learning about financial freedom after completing their school.

Youtube University

On this learning journey, Youtube once again proved to be the best university to learn about anything related to arts or sciences, developing or designing, finances or personality development and much more. Both the co-founders became the sincere students of this most underrated university in the world.

NFTs - The game changers

Fortunately, they found about NFTs and web3.0 stuff and decided to dive into this futuristic world of opportunities.

Idea of Creation

In this vast ocean of opportunities, they got inspired by CryptoPunks, Benyamin Ahmed (creator of Weird Whales), BAYC and BoringBananas

Friends to Co-founders

Both decided to launch their own collection for educating themselves about SmartContracts, Decentralized Apps, solidity language, pixelated artwork, photoshop, illustrative artwork and much more. But after getting great support in this learning journey from Benyamin Ahmed and BoringBananas’ resources, they creeated cryptosardars.com out of no-where

The Present

Both are working to create a community of people willing to start their journey in this ocean of opportunities and digital revolution through cryptosardars.com

Sky is the limit...


Important Note: We don't want to attract people to join the community or buy the collection with attractive giveways of expensive items. The willing people will join themselves.

Moreover, we don't want to promise cool roadmap objectives which are "currently" way out of our scope because of our very small team. As the community grows, more and more able and willing people join the community, we will keep working on great ideas. It is a learning journey

"First You learn, then you remove the L"

  • Our first priority is to create a Youtube channel - to create learning videos, tutorials and much more - requires willing people who has knowledge in this space. ✅COMPLETED (Enhancement will always be needed)
  • We can't completely payback our mentors, teachers and inpirators for providing such a great and wonderful resources and knowledge but we can guide, help, eduacte, share the resources with other people like us who are also curious and excited about learning.
  • We also want to setup a dedicated discord channel for cryptosardars.com - requires curious and able developers to share the knowledge and setup with us. ✅COMPLETED (Enhancement will always be needed)
  • Improvemnts in the website, servers, social media presence, UI, UX and much more - requires helping and kind people to share their knowledge and experience with us.
  • Welcome more and more contributors like photoshop artists, developers of all kind, video editors, finance and legal advisors and much more.
  • Last but not the least, eventually make cryptosardars.com a Decentralized Autonomous Organization - aiming towards financial, educational, environmental sustainability.

PS: when our inspiration "Benyamin" created Weird whales, he got help from BoringBananasCo. and his dad to setup the website and other stuff. So we also believe that we can also get the same help and guidance from every able person in this field.

Our Inspirators, teachers and mentors

  • CA Rachna Ranade (Youtube channel - Basics of Stock Market)
  • Pushpendra Singh Digital (Youtube channel - All about CryptoCurrencies)
  • Sandeep Maheshwari (Youtube channel - Life Lessons & inspiration for journey towards financial freedom)
  • Shahid Anawar (Youtube channel, Instagram account - Life lessons & Financial knowledge)
  • Priyanshu Gupta (Youtube channel, Instagram account - Fortunately learnt about NFTs, "Thanks Bro")
  • Benyamin Ahmed (Interviews, Youtube channel, Twitter account, Dicord Server - Happily guided and shared all the resources)
  • BoringBananasCo. (Github repo & Youtube channel)
  • CodeWithHarry "Bhai" (Youtube channel - Python & React.js courses)
  • Thapa Technical (Youtube channel - Next.js course)
  • Hashlips NFT (Youtube channel - How to create an NFT collection (Ultimate Guide))


"If you want to go fast - go alone, If you want to go farther - go together"



Harkirat Singh



  • Deployed smart contract of this collection.
  • Created this website and NFT minter using NextJs.
  • Setup the Discord Server.


Harman Singh



  • Created all the layers and traits using Photoshop.
  • Created all other Image assets.

UI Developer

Shubham Sharma



  • Turned the website into this beutiful masterpiece using Tailwind CSS.
  • Contributed first as Freelancer, now joined the Core Team.

Manjinder Singh


  • Provided all the resources for this project.
  • Funds, Domains, Hostings, Payments - supported and motivated in every step.

Herry Gill


  • Taught great financial lessons.
  • Also provided financial support in each and every step.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Aim of this project?
Why not Ethereum, Why Polygon?
Why not Solana or any other network, Why Polygon?
What about Charities?
How you can also contribute and join the team?

Memorable Sardars

Going back to where it all began, the Memorable Sardars are the ones who have inspired other Sardars in the world. They have done something great for the greater good of society or achieved the greatest successes in their respective fields.

Note: The NFTs on Memorable Sardars are not for sale purpose. If the Sardar is alive we'll simply just transfer the NFT to their wallet and if not then we'll hold the NFT in the community wallet.